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So ok, tonight as I was just starting to enjoy this TransCab Jakarta on my way home from work, being the second time in seven days that fate has put me in one, with cable tv and enough channels to entertain -no, not entertain- but to keep you busy from noticing the stressful Jakarta traffic just outside the window, the driver decided to tell me that he has to go back to the pool cause his shift is closing near to the end, just half way from my destination. Yeah right, very professional of you, driver, sir. "To the Senayan!", I was left to say, in the manner very much like Adam West's Batman back in the sixties, rerouting my drop off place.

By the way, mentioning the sixties, I saw that Austin Powers movie again on TV the other night, and finding it dry and in some parts annoying, but the fun talent of Mike Myers made it somehow interesting. Well, never mind that, it's 2012 already.

So here I am, after a quick walk in a pace very much above the average pedestrian in Ja…

Skye, the day after

Fifty-sixth, to the left of the elevator
Couple of steps more to the waiter
A private event, member to enter
Right then, in my suit from earlier

So Skye sushi bar the day after
Pen, paper, courtesy bartender
Songs still ear-easy and milder
Oh can I get a copy just for her

Playing, a soothing Marley cover
Is this love I'm feeling, my wonder
An M.J. song by a female singer
Why we do things over and over

Should stop, not to use all the paper
At least not till I write to uncover
It's given, he can't be any kinder
As apparent, to his first customer

Thinking of our time here together
Just last night, you and I and brother
A few stars above with nice weather
The city lights view below brighter

Compared to Lucy is much cozier
Open terrace is so much homier
Evening ambiance makes it fancier
Presence of three makes it merrier

Andrew now is the better Parker
Wit, fit to be the man of spider
In the car we're the Queen chorister
Songs are random for worse or b…