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Love is a four letter word

I picture something is beautiful It's full of life and it is all blue I see the sunset on the beach Yeah, it makes me feel calm And when I'm calm I feel good When I feel good I sing If this life is one act Why do we lay all these traps We put them right in our path When we just wanna be free I will not waste my days Making up all kinds of ways To worry about all the things That will not happen to me So I just let go of what I know I don't know And I know I only do this by Living in the moment Living my life Easy and breezy With peace in my mind I got peace in my heart Got peace in my soul Wherever I'm going, I'm already home I'm living in the moment I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done I let my past go past And now I'm having more fun I'm letting go of the thoughts That do not make me strong And I believe this way can be the same for everyone And if I fall asleep I know you'll be the one who'll always remind me Maybe I ann…

Seeking Truth

On seeking truth we set our ground on man's life and the King of heaven for feelings we know we have found too strong real to be buried unspoken
Why are there many ways to heaven when verily true there is only one as the Almighty of mightiest is one A verity as old as forever and Eden
Giving up certainty is to be paid for differences to at least be met But still not wanting to be unsaid the true of feelings she must get
A moment from Amor to coffee everything seems so clear happy But long before that it is surely being together is all I want to be
If from now the same it won't be what we're now and what we'll be I love you and will love you still One truth sought, that is to fulfill W. S.