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Garuda in my mind

"Men weren't meant to ride with clouds between their knees"

Birthday present: a day in court

The story goes like this...

During the last week of December 2011 I find myself having to rush my butt a couple of times just to get to office on time to save face and a few bucks. It wouldn't be much trouble if I could've taken leave from work for an early and extended Christmas vacation which I desperately yearned for back then. But since I've used it all up, I had to somehow manage a smooth transition into the new year, being a responsible person that I am, though most part of my conscious being was already in holiday mode, unconsciously.

Realizing something's wrong is the first step of making it right. I can't keep on going like this. I have to step up my game, period.

See, although I'm a morning person who always wakes up at 5 automatically, more often I'd be up from bed not until 5:30, a slow starter if you may. You know, I'd be stretching my body a couple of times, roll to the other side of the bed a couple more, check the phone lazily for the ex…

The write your own story pen

Check out the new pen I got from Winters as a birthday present. It's obvious from this blog gesture how I appreciate the gift, so thank you to you. I'll try to write amazing stories with it. If I don't, at least I have my name on it. And for you readers, if you ever wonder about the writer behind the writings, just find the man with this pen. Chances are, if you notice someone scribbling on a notepad with this pen at a coffee shop or some random unthinkable place, you've seen me. Just remember to smile and say hi.
Unless of course if I decided to strike a deal with Parker and mass produce this Windchills Spring pen with additional fancy glamorous features for their newest collection so that people can get their very own Windchills Spring Parker pen at their favorite local store, which is at this moment very unlikely. Unless of course, if someone powerful from the higher levels of Parker management happens to read this and decide it's a good idea to contact me a.s.…