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The Year of Progression

Christmas Wishlist

I wish every living soul this very moment a happy, peaceful, merry Christmas holiday.
Let your holidays be filled with joy, laughter and love.
May the merciful God forever bless you and your household with good health and wealth, to make this world we live in as heavenly as possible.
And let it be your single purpose of this year end holidays to make other people happy, in which I'm sure your own happiness will be complete.

Merry Christmas!

Phoenix - Too Young

Baby when I saw you turning at the end of the street
I knew a time was gone and it took me like ages
Just to understand that I was afraid to be a simple guy
I tried my best to smile, but deep inside my heart
I felt it was shouting like a crowd dancing
I guess I couldn't live without the things, that made my life what it is

Can't you hear it calling oh yeah
Everybody's dancin' oh yeah
Tonight everything is over
I feel too young

I can't lie on my bed without thinking I was wrong
But when this feeling calls this world becomes another
Night time won't hold me in your arms again
I got a very good friend who says, he can't believe the love I give
Is not enough to end your fears
I guess I couldn't live without the things, that made my life what it is

Can't you hear it calling oh yeah
Everybody's shakin' oh yeah
Tonight everything is over
I feel too young

Oh rainfalls and hard times coming they won't leave me tonight
I wish I knew what I was doin…

Here again

Why do I keep on coming here? The drinks are just ok, nothing special. The place is just usual, as it is plain. So why?
My brother has theorized that people just come to this kind of place out of simple pride, nothing more. Although it might be true for some, I'm seeing that most of the time it has more to do with plain unintentional habit.
You often go to the one place left for you, where most of the people in this city also go to, due to the limited choices available. And when you tire yourself out of the somewhat futile wandering of the same old same old setting, you look for a place to rest your ass for the longest time possible until you get your boost back for another round of mindless wandering around.
Or maybe, if it weren't to rest your feet, you're just here to wait for a friend who's stuck in traffic and already an hour late for your little rendezvous. Where else would it be more convenient enough than a place that allows you to do just that. Limitless min…

I'm not what you think but thanks anyway: Monolog

It's just roughly an innocent observation from a guy who doesn't really have the need and time to give derogatory remarks just to make offense; but this could beneficially be a kind reminder of how some of you have so often been unfair to yourselves and others by immediately seeing the extra need to suddenly be twice as willing a humble, friendly, kind service provider just because you think you are in the face of a foreigner who happens to speak a language not of your mother's tongue so convincingly eloquent.

The hospitality business in general requires a great deal of kindness in treating others as your equal, -equally. Providing for the needs of your equals with respect -as you would want yourself to be treated- is not entirely easy. Not everyone was born with the knack for serving others sincerely without any grudge. Heck, lots would reasonably want to be the spoiled brat of a king instead with no complaints. No arguments there.

The argument and apparent problem, howev…