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Mister Miyagi

Don't know 'bout you guys but whenever I hear or read "Mr. Miyagi", my following thoughts would automatically associate it to that favorite movie during my childhood years: The Karate Kid. And no, I'm not talking about the sequel, the desperate attempt on numero tres, the flop female version of Daniel-san, or the most recent doesn't-seem-right Chinese version of Mr. Miyagi. No. I'm talking about the first original movie.

I mean, what's not to like about that movie when you're just a kid about to make your way into the perilous time of teenage hood? Even I liked it back then in the eighties being a third grader elementary school. The film offers ground-breaking wisdom (lessons) to the young generation in that era, you would think you'd missed out on something life-changing (for that tender age) if you had not seen the movie. Hyperbole alert beeping, I know, but bear with me.
1948 Ford Super Deluxe 8
See, you got a regular teenager as the main protagonist who seems to have everything against his own world. He got no choice but to comply when his mom decided they have to leave their comfort zone of a home in New Jersey to a new lively sunny town of California, forcing him to make new friends and leave the old behind. Quite a lot to ask a kid, yeah. Despite arguing and complaining with his mom about the move and having to go through a series of trouble in adapting, he ended up as All Valley karate champion in the end! Lesson number one: Bear the things your mom throws at you, you'll end up a champion somehow.

Then there's that lovely California girl in Ali, a cheerleader in school. Every male teenager loves a cheerleader, whether or not admitted. They're loud, physically fit, popular, pleasing to the eyes, usually talented, and fun. The only down side of it perhaps they could become quite annoyingly, a prig. Those who are not and actually kindhearted are the ones to keep, and Ali is one. Lucky Daniel-san. Lesson number two: Not all beautiful blonde cheerleaders are snobs, they are as human as you.

A trouble kid needs that special someone to give guidance, wisdom, and one heck of a birthday present! Meeting Mr. Miyagi could be the best thing that has ever happened in the life of that kid from good old New Ark, New Jersey. He taught him to do chores, self-control (kinda), how to get girls with a funny Halloween costume, stand-up to all those bullies in school, and of course, karate. You can imagine how perhaps he would end up in California if it weren't for Mister Miyagi: a lost, out of place kid that no one knows. Lesson number three: Meet new people (even if they're old), their presence in your life could be a blessing.

I'll add some more... "Banzai !!!" 


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Sometimes I'm just amazed by how and when discoveries choose to present themselves. Regrettably in this case, a late one. I must blame myself I guess -I don't know whether if it's the lack of exploration of the gadget or interest in reading the darn little handbook that comes with it or a simple not asking fellow users- for not getting a hold on this otherwise so handy tip. Whatever it is, nevertheless, I'm lucky to know it now so that I can enlighten you all my readers (with a bit grin of satisfaction). So, here it is... (realizing anyways the chance of you probably having a giggle-moment afterwards)
The image beside here is a snapshot of my iPhone screen (as you notice, after I black and white it, of course). Yup people, you guessed it, I learned how to take screenshots on the iPhone!

Okay, you can stop the giggling now so I can tell you how I knew :)
I was checking the timeline in the Twitter app right when I suddenly had to hurry and go save myself from Jakart…

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