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From attending a party in a friend's apartment last Saturday night -where we later found out that a young doctor had fallen off from level 24 of the same apartment, to the same old dumb delusional suicide bomber blowing himself up at Bethel Gospel Church in Solo the next morning, to me skipping church later that day -which I am not proud of (and would promise to go next Sunday)... It was (to sum up) one hell of a weekend.
How the weekend birthday slash house warming party slowly went from a promising swim in the pool, to a typical girls night-in of chit chat of catching up, to a semi "mid-day talk show" on tips on guys & relationships while realizing you're the only human in the room with more testosterone than the other eight combined shouldn't really be a surprise, right?
But what was, though, is how from a simple get-together-for-a-birthday-party got you thinking on more important questions you have to answer in life which probably to date you haven'…

It's good to be a woman in these places...

Iceland, Sweden, Canada (yes, Canada), Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, United States, Australia, and Netherlands.
That is according to the data analysis of 165 countries worldwide done by Newsweek/The Daily Beast to find out where women enjoy the most expansive rights  and the best quality of life based on these five factors: justice, health, education, economics, and politics. 
It is not surprising I suppose to see the top ten countries as most livable to women are mostly European with Canada, United States and Australia completing the list. 
What's rather shocking I think is the fact that Asia is only represented by a single country, the Philippines in number 17 on the top 20 list. Aren't the eastern part of the world known for their hospitality and kindness? Showing those famous traits towards their own women in terms of justice, health, etc. must have been a sure bet for many. But no, not according to the list. 
And if you're beginning to wonder about other count…


"...when you’re feeling something wonderful, being grateful is not enough. You have to say, ‘More, please.’ ” - Josh RadnorAll you How I Met Your Mother fans would probably know that Josh Radnor is the guy who plays Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville... a.k.a Ted Mosby in the CBS sitcom which, I remind you, today is scheduled to be the premiere of Season Seven which, I remind myself, I have no access to -living in this part of the world. Maybe later.

The Best Man is the first episode of the new season and it tells something about Barney preparing a wedding to a mystery bride??? I don't buy it. Him being married by the end of the episode will be sooo un-Barney. But it's a good way to start the new season I guess, to build curiosity if the "awesome" himself finally decided to settle down. Very unlikely I say. What's HIMYM without the awesome (single) Barney?? It'll be like Seinfeld without Kramer. It'll miss that flare to bring us out from the …

"Switch back to the old interface"

So it says on the top right of the new look has got from its developers. It's there obviously to provide an option for bloggers if they decide in preferring the old blue and orange dull interface. The new page is simpler and easy on the eyes and I myself prefer the new one. But having a "switch back to the old interface" link is what I'm getting at in this piece here right now.
Well simply put, I want that now. Of such that with a simple click or tap, it enables you to easily switch back to previous settings in life where you can find yourself having to walk down those stairs every time you have to go outside the house. Sometimes having to get a hold of the rail as you make your way down so hasty. And other times noticing the bricks of the house being quite bigger than usual for an old flat. Or finding out that the lights on the wall outside is still on at 9am as you open the door, where you then have to switch the lights off before you go out…