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Pictures from TPST Marunda

Jakarta needs some serious waste management to deal with. Now and fast. Garbage is known as one of the major problems of this city but never have I realized the seriousness of it, had I not visited the garbage dump of Marunda.

I had the opportunity to go there with the talented and blessed friends at C4EO (Care for Each Other), a charity community that seeks to share their lives to care for each other. Bless you the people at C4EO, may the Almighty bless all of your wonderful works.

And for Jakarta, remember this ever more important message:

"Jangan buang sampah sembarangan!"


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Sang Pencerah

at Docklands 11:59 pm, December 31, 2010

iPhone 4S: iPhone for sorrow?

Tarakan Wash Tank

Another trip, another dip into the depths of Indonesia's rich history. From precolonial era as early in the 4th century with the hardly known Indianized kingdom of Kutai Martadipura in East Kalimantan to the more recent -not also really well known- era of struggle to reform in Reformasi in the late 90's, Indonesia's vast history is as mystical and intriguing as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the French Revolution, and Harvey Specter's mind all combined in one savory banana split sundae. How to really work that one out is rather out of the mood at the moment, so let me just say that's just how it is.

However, recently I had the chance to visit the island-city of Tarakan in North Kalimantan, which was once the stage of more than one battle in the Pacific War. It was here on January 11, 1942, a day after the Empire of Japan declared war on the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Japan first attacked the Dutch colonized Indonesia and went on further to successfully set its co…

Greater love hath no man

I remember my first visit to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. It was after quite a while since I lived in Melbourne when I finally had the chance to come see this great war memorial. I recall Jack even said, "You're kidding right? This is your first time here?! Geez!!" Sadly it was, but the first of many, gratefully.
The shrine is a magnificent place to be really, it was dedicated originally as a memorial to the men and women of Victoria who served in the Great War of 1914-1918 (World War I) and is now to all Australians who served in war and peacekeeping duties ever since. The land site dedicated for this famous landmark is vast, you can build at least two (maybe three) shopping malls by Jakarta's standard. That's what stroke me first, grandeur as a whole. But as I further explore the shrine, I notice something else remarkable.
The marble Stone of Remembrance is located inside the shrine at the center of the sanctuary, it is engraved with the words "…

Sting - Why should I cry for you?

Under the dog star sail
Over the reefs of moonshine
Under the skies of fall
North, north west, the stones of Faroe

Under the Arctic fire
Over the seas of silence
Hauling on frozen ropes
For all my days remaining
Would north be true?

All colors bleed to red
Asleep on the ocean's bed
Drifting in empty seas
For all my days remaining
Would north be true?

Why should I?
Why should I cry for you?

Dark angels follow me
Over a godless sea
Mountains of endless falling,
For all my days remaining,
What would be true?

Sometimes I see your face,
The stars seem to lose their place
Why must I think of you?
Why must I?
Why should I?

Why should I cry for you?
Why would you want me to?
What would it mean to say,
"I loved you in my fashion"?
What would be true?

Why should I?
Why should I cry for you?

A real poem of a song by Gordon Sumner.

Jakarta Weekenders: Monolog

It's that wonderful time of the week again, when everyone seems to have that extra eagerness to just hangout and chill immediately right after the bell rings at work. Yes people, it's Friday night. And Jakarta Weekenders was no different.

From the last time we got together a couple weeks back at the birthday party, last night was kinda the follow up meeting to the JakWeek idea, and Monolog Senayan was chosen as the rendezvous point. A place that somehow resembles a Melbourne-like lane way cafe which appropriately sets the mood for some private walk to memory lane.

For those of you who somehow kinda just know me in the surface would suggest that I'm not really good with memories. That's one of the reasons for this blog actually, besides of course as a showcase for all the beautiful pictures ^ ^ ...and umm to think it over again, last night wasn't really quite the follow up 'cause I missed out on last week's meet up to sing your heart out at the karaoke. Bu…

Ka Mate Haka

In anticipation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final match this coming Sunday, France against New Zealand, I'm tempted to put up the Ka Mate here in the blog. 

If you've ever seen a Haka performed by the All Blacks -the New Zealand rugby team, you'd probably think it's kinda barbaric somehow with all those gestures with the hands and feet, tongue sticking out, eyes piercing as if trying to eat out the hearts of their opposite number. You'd instinctively think that they're going to war, and that's also what I thought. Well in a way, yes.