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Pictures in color, Express Taksi

Special in the month of July, all pictures I post will be in color. Yaay! Just to see how the pictures blend in with the webpage. But, since today is not July yet, I'll post one as usual... of one of my usual means of public transportation when I am in a hurry to the office or coming home late at night when the usual bus is just too slow to take.

They say taking a taxi is just too New York. You should see lately how many taxis around here in Jakarta, they are as common as angkots in Bogor now. A little exaggeration, yes, but it's getting there to that point. Which is not that bad I think, as long as it's safe, convenient, economical, and not adding to the already congested Jakarta's traffic. Yeah, right.

The otherwise beautiful beach

Jakarta's Pal had the chance to escape from the city and spent two nights in Bandar Lampung last week. It's mostly work but I managed to squeeze in a trip or two just to familiarize myself with the Lampung capital.
One of which was the trip to the famous Pantai Mutun (Mutun Beach) around 9 km to the south of Bandar Lampung. It's not that far, but because some of the road conditions are not as you expect from a capital city of a province, the trip took a little longer than it should.

No pictures in public places

You may notice the pictures used as background on the top and bottom of this page are mostly of public places. There's one picture of a train station, a subway station, an alley in the city, even the front side of a historical famous building. I took those pictures freely with no fear or hesitation, not knowing of any restrictions or regulations prohibiting me to do so. If there's any, I'd be more than happy -well, resentful- to abide with such regulations. Rules are rules, right. But is there?

None that I know of. At least, at that moment. But again, if there's any, I feel the necessity to question its existence. Like recently, I was prohibited to take pictures of the sidewalk in front of the Jakarta Stock Exchange building. What?!