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How Barca won the game in Wembley

Still fresh from the euphoria of Barcelona's victory in the Champions League final, I'd like to share a link reviewing how the final was won. 
As usual Messi, Xavi, Iniesta was easy to point out as key to the win but Pep also made some brave tactical decisions, one of which was to play Mascherano as a Center Back in replace of Puyol.
He made a great job in keeping Chicharito quiet the whole night. And after the win he made the effort to come good with Liverpool fans by dedicating the win to all Reds fan. That's nice of him and as a Red fan I appreciate that. 
The decision to play Abidal in Left Back is also a bold move by Pep. Abidal had a surgery to remove tumor from his liver just two months ago and to play the whole 90 minutes in the Champions League final was a testimonial in itself. Realizing this, the captain of the club Puyol and the rest of the team gave the honor of lifting the Champions League cup to him. Puyol himself put the captain's armband in Abidal'…

Kindergarten Drumband

Pep Guardiola's men proved to be just too much for Sir Alex's men once again on Saturday night -no surprise really- as Barcelona won their fourth UEFA Champions League title. Barcelona simply outclassed Manchester United to a comfortable 3-1 win and cemented their status as the world's best football team. 

The surprise, however,was how confidently my kid nephew performed with his kindergarten drumband at Gandaria City earlier that day. It was an event organized by Indovision and BabyTV -I think- to showcase various talents from kindergartens in Jakarta. TK Pangudi Luhur participated with their adorable drumband.
My kid nephew was confidently cool on the fresh-colorful-fun stage setting at the North Entrance of the mall, fittingly decorated to appeal to younger kids. They perform three song arrangements with ease, evident of regular practicing before the performance. I am proud of that and to see him on stage with his cute little uniform was heart-lifting. The audience made…

Sir Alex vs Pep: our dream

It's Sir Alex Ferguson vs Josep Guardiola once again this Saturday as Manchester United meets Barcelona at Wembley for the UEFA Champions League final in London. The current English champions seeks to revenge its 2-0 defeat on the hands of the reigning Spanish champions in the same fixture two years ago at the Olimpico in Rome.
It was just last Sunday when Manchester United knocked Liverpool FC out of its perch as English most successful football club by winning the Barclay's English Premier League title, becoming English champions for a record 19th time. As broken hearted as I am by this -being a Reds fan all my life, it shows you how successful Sir Alex has been for the Manchester club.
Since becoming Manchester United manager in November 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson has won the club an envious 12 Premier League titles, 5 FA cups, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, and many more. I can't name anyone more successful as a football league manager for the last twenty years other th…

The pride that we buy: Starbucks

It isn't pride that brought us here. Or is it? We could've stayed home and find ways to meet our goal in updating the outdated, bring anew the old, fix the broken. But yet, we ended up at this place, where a couple weeks ago, I gave the privileged of calling it "my office of the day, and probably the night".
Having discovered we are without the means to get our intentions done, we find ourselves in a "oh-darn" moment. This, nevertheless, gives another opening for another idea. Giving a place for a great mind to spill its thoughts. I'm gonna give way for him, a lawyer, a writer, a brother. Take it away...
How many times whenever you find yourself in a Starbucks coffee shop you say to yourself: "Damn, I could make a better coffee.." If you do, then you gotta ask yourself one of the defining questions of our generation: "Why the hell we go to Starbucks anyway??

Respect freedom of expression

Brahma Putra writes:
"Islam as a political ideology is dangerous because there is no turning back — once the road is taken and theocracy takes hold, voting it out again is almost impossible. This is because such government has no checks and balances. And anyone opposing it can be easily branded a kafir, an apostate or a blasphemer, and sent to jail or worse. We have all seen how easily people in power can be corrupted. Imagine people in absolute power who can decide who lives and who dies, but, then again, Indonesians do not have to imagine. They know. It was, after all, only 13 years ago when the dictator of this country was ousted." I must say these are powerful and brave words by someone who blogs in the Jakarta Globe. I would not dare someone to say their mind on this particular topic in public during the new order era, let alone today. Yes, we do now live in a country considered as having a fast-growing democrazy democracy after the fall of the late "dictator".…

Tips on photography: Composition

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

As true as it is, some rules of thumb should be known in order to make a "beautiful" photograph. Composition of the photograph is essential to accentuate the important parts of the picture. I personally find it hard to compose the perfect picture to fill inside the frame. A balance within the frame that is just right to draw people in seeing the essence of the image. The ones I thought was perfect can sometimes be the ones causing the most frowns from people.
The rule of thirds is one practical guide on composition you can apply. It is a technique where you align the important elements of the-would-be-picture on two equally-spaced horizontal and two equally-spaced vertical lines that divides the frame into nine equal sections. To give you an idea of what it means, take a look at the picture here: notice how the man is positioned aligned with one of the imaginary vertical lines.

Source Code

Life is beautiful. Don't take it away with bombs, guns, knives, poison, jet planes, whatever. Just don't.

Make it count, make it good, make it better. Just make it.

You're alive, be grateful, be kind, make friends, smile a lot, love one another, do the best you can with what you have. God loves you.

Jakarta Morning Traffic Police

at Sarinah intersection 7:11 am, May 10, 2011

----- This photo was published in the Jakarta Java Kini February 2012 edition without my personal consent. 


early morning beach walks
wind chills of almost spring
still capturing the wood
forging rocks not at shore

two walk the misty docks
seagulls to hear them sing
squeaking wood as we stood
warmed hearts in what we wore

easy lights made small talks
such weather you can bring
rolling ocean sounds could
calm ease your heart in tore

white birds gather in flocks
dreaming two of a wing
to come here as we should
as often it's next door

W. S.

Don't smoke

Clean fresh air has become a luxury for us Jakartans -and even people in smaller cities, as you've shared here. I'm afraid it will continue as it is if there isn't any mindset change: to simply see rules as rules. If there's already a rule (if there isn't, make one) that forbids people from smoking in particular places (I assume the hotel has such rule in air-conditioned dining rooms) then there's no need to look for a compromise to save face, right? What's all needed is just some boldness from everyone (the smokers and non-smokers) to conduct themselves by the rules. I realize this might be too much to ask for but that's just what we need and lack at the moment. If it's about good taste, it's even more about obeying the rule.

The "if you were Jakarta's governor" poll

I set up a poll today, asking your top priority if you were the governor of Jakarta. It's out of curiosity really (and maybe, despair) just to get an idea what actions are really urgent and important to you readers. So kindly give your votes people at the bottom of this page and let's see where it goes from there.

2 January 2012, the result of the poll is as follows:


Jakarta's streets in reality is hard and it springs out that "jungle mentality" from people dare enough to make it in this big city. This "selfish" outlook comes out unnoticed and perhaps unwanted -anymore than you care to admit. But that's just how it is right, you're forced to deal with the situation at hand instinctively to your best interest.
I'm not saying this to promote or encourage selfishness, but rather to honor those who can overlook his/her own comfort and give that up in regards to others despite the circumstances. Such nobility in Jakarta's street is rare and should be celebrated and followed. And as for Jakarta's setting that spurs all this selfishness, it's our (Fauzi Bowo's) responsibility to make this city less jungle-like.


I am not perfect as a writer nor am I as a critic. I mean, it's 2 AM in the morning and the fact that I'm still working on this piece here instead of a good night sleep gives you an idea, I'm sure. You should therefor, by even reading this or even visiting this blog, pardon me of any mistakes, faults, errors in any of my writings hereafter and never will you sue me in any court of law for any reason whatsoever. And I mean none.
I am also no Shakespeare nor Obama but nevertheless my writings are my own, as also the rights for every words and pictures here in this blog which, of course, of the ones I wrote and took. So you will do what's right by attributing me or this blog should you decide to use any of the writings or pictures here in this blog for this blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
I am, though, very much aware of the works of others I might use as inspiration, support, documentation, etc. And as …

Phoenix - Rome

Who's the boy you like the most
Is he teasing you with underage
Girl he'd be waving from a tropical sunset
Static silhouette somehow
Single in his bed someday
Quiet till it falls, falls, falls 

Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, focus looking forward the Colosseum
Oh no, what did I say, what can I say?
Rome, Rome, many tears have fallen here,
I'll be driving you look the other way 

That ain't easy to ignore
When your shutters open all the way
When it's candlelight I see I go insane
Distant silhouette somehow
We shared a cigarette somewhere
Addict till it falls, falls, falls 

Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, focus looking forward the Colosseum
Oh no, what did I say, what can I say?
Rome, Rome, many tears have fallen here
I'll be driving you look the other way 

Always and forever more
I call to say I'm on the way
2000 years remain in a trash can
Let burn the cigarette somewhere
Ashes till it falls, falls, falls

I'd stand outside under broken leaves
I know I can't do without, t…

Zebra Cross

So okay, as Adam Levine once famously tweeted on the day he recently arrived for his concert"Traffic in Jakarta is the worst! Right?", this city can't stop to amuse me in the most wondrous sense in road traffic. In the lasting words of my wonderful cousin when she came to visit us from Maryland -which is also her name by the way-: "Only in Indo.", the traffic in Jakarta -I'm afraid- really is the worst.
This morning, as I made my way through this fiasco of road traffic management, I witnessed something quite extraordinary to share to those who dare to dream for a better humane experience in Jakarta's streets. Firstly, -and commonly usual of course- the jam was quite heavy at some spots: Fatmawati, Sudirman, Semanggi, well ya the usuals. But what got me earlier was how even a policeman on his motorcycle has disregarded the safety of pedestrians by running through a red light on a zebra cross on Medan Merdeka Selatan. I mean come on, from the looks of …

Patung Pemuda Senayan

Why is it now, that this huge statue, towering in a middle of a pond, representing a noble cause as youth's eternal flame of undying spirit in developing the country, strategically located at Senayan, probably cost quite a fortune of taxpayers' money... should then go unnoticed as night falls? Some light beams during the night, accentuating its immense figure would be nice! Besides it'll make the city safer, don't you think?

Lights, less dark areas, more eyes on the perimeter, minimizing those with criminal intentions in realizing their thoughts. Most of all, I think, it'll help the city in its aesthetics during the night. Light up Jakarta! You can sure need that, right? Maybe that's why Jakartans ended up calling the big statue "Pizza Man"... or maybe they're just hungry. Gees, I should really be getting out of here and head home. Now. Hungry. Late.

Obama, Osama, Obooks

It takes an Obama to get Osama.

It takes lots of books to make them both.

It takes a kind heart to make one greater.
Ephesians 4:32

100 Movies

American Film Institute first made its "AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies" in 1997 and in honoring its 10th anniversary updated the list in 2007. There's a lot in the list that I haven't watched yet but I'm getting there. From the top three of the list, I've seen Citizen Kane and The Godfather, and I agree they're up there on the list. As for Casablanca, I can only say that I'll watch the movie at some point of my life, and Humphrey Bogart is such a trademark of a name.

"It's also my pleasure to see to it that decent, hard-working people in this community aren't robbed blind by a pack of money-mad pirates, just because they haven't had anybody to look after their interests... If I don't look after the interests of the underprivileged, maybe somebody else will, maybe somebody without any money or property... and that would be too bad!" - Charles Foster Kane

"You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance gonna bring your son back to y…