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La ratatouille

"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere"

The words of Anton Ego, food critic in the 2007 animated film Ratatouille. It's already quite a classic, I know, but it is only just recently that I truly really saw the movie with full intent (you have to thank my young niece and nephew for that). The idea of a rat capable of being the finest chef in Paris is just out of this world of course, but it underlines the message the movie conveys: you can be anything your heart desires. That, my readers, is as true and/or cliché as you believe it to be. It sure is damn hard, to be what your heart desires, but again it's reachable, achievable, doable. Darn!


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Ka Mate Haka

In anticipation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final match this coming Sunday, France against New Zealand, I'm tempted to put up the Ka Mate here in the blog. 

If you've ever seen a Haka performed by the All Blacks -the New Zealand rugby team, you'd probably think it's kinda barbaric somehow with all those gestures with the hands and feet, tongue sticking out, eyes piercing as if trying to eat out the hearts of their opposite number. You'd instinctively think that they're going to war, and that's also what I thought. Well in a way, yes.

My risk a beauty

Remember sugar for dinner was sweet
The sweetest a reminder for you to eat
How you sang nobody said it was easy
When it is meant to be read it is funny

Have seen you but never have met you
Absence noticed presence sought true
Fell for you for the most random kind act
The kindest for a while and that is the fact

Good mornings and nights were all we did
From Cuba is hard to keep the feelings hid
You made a race even to be the first to say
I still rue we missed Ralph to this very day

Hands and hair so soft to hold and smell
Beauty in all green I remember so well
Your graceful hair cut made me the best
A miss you too from you I am so blessed

Notice from your red profile anticipated
Where you are I am always appreciated
But from exactly that things got so crazy
Message you have read was not from me

How words so meaningful became a joke
Sad to witness a fragile start easily broke
The truest of feelings made to seem a lie
The harshest injustice to a man such as I

My r…

iPhone 4S: iPhone for sorrow?

The write your own story pen

Check out the new pen I got from Winters as a birthday present. It's obvious from this blog gesture how I appreciate the gift, so thank you to you. I'll try to write amazing stories with it. If I don't, at least I have my name on it. And for you readers, if you ever wonder about the writer behind the writings, just find the man with this pen. Chances are, if you notice someone scribbling on a notepad with this pen at a coffee shop or some random unthinkable place, you've seen me. Just remember to smile and say hi.
Unless of course if I decided to strike a deal with Parker and mass produce this Windchills Spring pen with additional fancy glamorous features for their newest collection so that people can get their very own Windchills Spring Parker pen at their favorite local store, which is at this moment very unlikely. Unless of course, if someone powerful from the higher levels of Parker management happens to read this and decide it's a good idea to contact me a.s.…

Phoenix - Countdown

Countdown unless you're juvenile let's go
God bless you're amiss somewhere
We’re sick for the big sun
It doesn't matter what you did and if you did like you've been told

True... and everlasting that’s what you want
True... True... and everlasting that’s what you want

Don’t say no your breakfast teas are gone
Resist or let go, you’re borderline withdrawn
Down and unlit from the bottom there's a misfit
Better than it looks better than it looks
Better than it looks better than it looks

We’re sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick
We’re sick for the big sun
I rumble and trip trip trip trip trip trip trip
I realize that too

Hear the lonesome bell, is this knowledge ?
Ask forgiveness you know somewhere
You’re fixed to an atom
It doesn't matter what you did and if you did it right let’s go

Cruel... and everlasting that’s what you want
Cruel... Cruel... and everlasting that’s what you want

Don’t say no your breakfast teas are gone
Do you remember wh…

Tarakan Wash Tank

Another trip, another dip into the depths of Indonesia's rich history. From precolonial era as early in the 4th century with the hardly known Indianized kingdom of Kutai Martadipura in East Kalimantan to the more recent -not also really well known- era of struggle to reform in Reformasi in the late 90's, Indonesia's vast history is as mystical and intriguing as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the French Revolution, and Harvey Specter's mind all combined in one savory banana split sundae. How to really work that one out is rather out of the mood at the moment, so let me just say that's just how it is.

However, recently I had the chance to visit the island-city of Tarakan in North Kalimantan, which was once the stage of more than one battle in the Pacific War. It was here on January 11, 1942, a day after the Empire of Japan declared war on the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Japan first attacked the Dutch colonized Indonesia and went on further to successfully set its co…

You Are

From my mother’s womb you have known me
Knitted every strain of cells in my body
Gave me the heart for the man I am to be
You are there from the start for me to see

The woman you have blessed me to call mother
She has in her heart for us to know thee
The only one important for us to come together
Every early morning circled-around to praise thee

So from my youth I have heard thee
All the wondrous things you have done
In the scriptures as it is written down
Also the life stories I hear of the family

Growing up and maturing has never been easy
A lot of things I wish I could have done differently
So sorry for all the choices I made unwisely
But I’m grateful to see and feel you in everything
Never ever letting me go, your faithfulness unchanging

No doubt it is you and always you
Who has been there for me for sure
Now as a man wanting to know more
Guide me always to come to you
That I may be with you forever more
For truly from forever to forever, You Are

W. S.