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Late discovery: how to take screenshots on the iPhone.

Sometimes I'm just amazed by how and when discoveries choose to present themselves. Regrettably in this case, a late one. I must blame myself I guess -I don't know whether if it's the lack of exploration of the gadget or interest in reading the darn little handbook that comes with it or a simple not asking fellow users- for not getting a hold on this otherwise so handy tip. Whatever it is, nevertheless, I'm lucky to know it now so that I can enlighten you all my readers (with a bit grin of satisfaction). So, here it is... (realizing anyways the chance of you probably having a giggle-moment afterwards)
The image beside here is a snapshot of my iPhone screen (as you notice, after I black and white it, of course). Yup people, you guessed it, I learned how to take screenshots on the iPhone!

Okay, you can stop the giggling now so I can tell you how I knew :)
I was checking the timeline in the Twitter app right when I suddenly had to hurry and go save myself from Jakart…

Greater love hath no man

I remember my first visit to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. It was after quite a while since I lived in Melbourne when I finally had the chance to come see this great war memorial. I recall Jack even said, "You're kidding right? This is your first time here?! Geez!!" Sadly it was, but the first of many, gratefully.
The shrine is a magnificent place to be really, it was dedicated originally as a memorial to the men and women of Victoria who served in the Great War of 1914-1918 (World War I) and is now to all Australians who served in war and peacekeeping duties ever since. The land site dedicated for this famous landmark is vast, you can build at least two (maybe three) shopping malls by Jakarta's standard. That's what stroke me first, grandeur as a whole. But as I further explore the shrine, I notice something else remarkable.
The marble Stone of Remembrance is located inside the shrine at the center of the sanctuary, it is engraved with the words "…

Portraits I took

Remember the ones I said you have to thank, for me to have really watched Ratatouille with full intent? Here they are, full of youth...

I love them both. Full.


I'm supposed to be asleep already at this hour but no I'm just too sick with runny nose and a terrible headache to be sound in dreamland. I have become too allergic it seems to the not-so-clean air of this city. You can imagine how bothering and sad it is, to have become allergically estranged to the air of your very own home town. Must I flee from here? No, says I! I will make the air clean free from pollutants for the sake of future generations! So help me God.
Sick I am also by the thought of the movie Hostel could actually be inspired by true events. Disgusted, I won't be as generous as I usually am in setting up a link. Besides, this bloody headache is pissing me off to even bother with a bloody link! My message to you, my readers: love your neighbor. Good night.

La ratatouille

"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere"
The words of Anton Ego, food critic in the 2007 animated film Ratatouille. It's already quite a classic, I know, but it is only just recently that I truly really saw the movie with full intent (you have to thank my young niece and nephew for that). The idea of a rat capable of being the finest chef in Paris is just out of this world of course, but it underlines the message the movie conveys: you can be anything your heart desires. That, my readers, is as true and/or cliché as you believe it to be. It sure is damn hard, to be what your heart desires, but again it's reachable, achievable, doable. Darn!

People, keep replying your emails!

Who knows, maybe somehow you'd be replying an email from Mike and find your emails posted in dontevenreply. I mean you gotta hand it to Mike, he's quite a genuine asshole alright but a genius one. He appears to understand perfectly what seems to come natural for us humans, finding it amusing to read others being fooled harmlessly to be dragged into a pointless discussion on their own innocent advertisements. Pointless of course from the advertiser's point of view but Mike has a clear goal of "to mess, confuse, and/or piss" them. 
In the manner of how it is accepted as an entertainment -I, myself, admit finding it as hilarious most of the time- you can't help but stop after a while and start to feel a bit sorry for the fooled one. Has our society come to that? Online and off? We fuel our needs for amusement from others being tricked? Quite sad, isn't it? Okay, whatever, keep writing those emails people! I like Mike's website!
My ten cents: you should …

Pictures I took

Not in the stealing kind of way of course, but more like taking it with your iPhone kind. Here's some of them, not really my most favorite but it's dark enough to be here I guess.

Portraits I like

I said it's gonna be random, right? So here it is a beautiful portrait by Marcin Wuu taken from

The story so far

I took the liberty to take a friend's name as the title and idea of this blog, but no worries I already got his consent. An early warning regarding this blog, it won't be all and all about Jack and me as his pal. It will be about random things. How random? As random as the traffic in this city, where during weekdays and office hours can be hell on earth. Exaggerating a bit, but that's okay cause it seems like that most of the time. Well, except maybe during the break of dawn when burglars come back home to their hideouts with their loots.
The public transportation in this city is either managed by the devil himself with the intention of making its inhabitants to constantly curse and bite their finger nails in utterly self-stress-disbelief of powerlessness, or, by an also disillusioned fellow Jakartan who is just as awed and dumbfounded by the complicated strings of problems causing the transportation muddle. So if you're reading this Mr. Governor, or Minister of Transp…

What's up with this?

Obviously, I wasn't thinking of and even hadn't known of the 1915 short movie entitled Jack's Pal when I came up with the idea for this. Ya, I did a Google-search on "Jack's Pal" to get an idea what's out there and Google came up with that of the movie, and some respectively insignificant others. The bottom line is clear, this has no relation whatsoever with any movie or any other entity that happens to share the same title. It's just me writing stuffs, of that I can write.

"The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!"

The post title is a quote taken from Finding Forrester, a movie I just happened to see last night. The moral of the story, basically is... just write! As wrong as it can possibly get, just write! Or as I like to put it, right or wrong, just write -if you get what I mean :)
Putting it into practice though is something else. As I'm trying to feel my words coming out through my finger tips as I press the keys, frankly it becomes not as easy as it should be. Darn! But in the spirit of spitting out words from the back of your mind for good and for better, I, Windchills Spring will keep on pressing those keys, producing words for you readers to read. So help me God. "You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head".