Monday, 15 December 2014

The Misunderstood Gift

It's been a while since my last post so, hello! :) And also for being away so long, I hope this post will be a see-again gift to you. I do believe it will, I am blessed by the message I just have to share with the hope that it will also bless you the same. And I know it's really too early but let me just wish you a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

CAZZETTE - Sleepless ft. The High

It kills my heart to see
Your eyes are no longer on me
It's critical to me
You stop messing with me

It kills my heart to know
You don't think this love could grow
Cause anywhere you'd go
You know I would follow

You kissed my heart you know
Like no one ever did before
And I heard you moved on
Yeah I heard you moved on

I can't get no sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


How to start is in a way problematic
Yes relationship of two is enigmatic
Being different is the characteristic
of individuals being made so specific
Personal experiences historic
Stories of life-lived so dramatic
With past relationships ironic
Makes a thousand-piece mosaic
Scattered all messy and chaotic
Until altogether being artistic
Finding each other so aesthetic
A blessing worthy being angelic
Inspiring, no use in being egoistic

Why sometimes I could be idiotic
Green sandals wrapped in plastic
Only to be forgotten in metallic
Sent you photos to be apologetic
You are as forgiving so seraphic
Climb up to see crater so scenic
On horses could be more majestic
Refreshed senses so naturalistic
Whoever made that is a puristic

Woke up to realize I am allergic
If not alarmed, already systemic
Didn't wake you to get pharmaceutic
I'd rather you asleep so silent a music
Left a note could now be a relic
Would you also keep it so iconic?
During breakfast we seem identic
Casually attired and also poetic
Brought to attention now a topic
By your sister being so analytic
From day one she said us synchronic

I wonder why you're so magnetic
Instant crush for you is automatic
Like how French duo sounds robotic
It is known tiring to be dialectic
Though we tried harder using logic
When contradictions are diametric
We end up broken again it's ironic
The certainty of time I find horrific
I don't see why we cannot be romantic
See I have known much to be Prisnatic
Let us now know more and be prismatic
W. S.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Life loves to love you

The sun is longed for in dark twirls of storms
A grand mountain, in low depths of valleys
Can't be said though, that bright light is gone
Or high peak has well lost its chill breeze

For the warmth of sunshine will still always be
Only if the you inside let the eyes clearly see
Being down erases not what you've achieved
No, don't let your true heart ever be deceived

Lucky are you to have sought deep into life
The secret that life itself loves to love you
With strong true believe the dying will revive
Realize, you can give back life some love too

W. S.